Cat Stories – where they live and work!

As we travel around Cornwall and beyond we often meet people who tell us stories of their cats or we meet the cats themselves.

On a trip to Geevor Tin Mine we came across a picture of this cat who walked in one day and decided to stay.  He lived a happy life at the mine and they loved him so much his picture remains with the tea’s.  Gone but not forgotten, clearly a much loved cat.


Lady Dinah’s Tea Room


High Tea in London is always a treat but when combined with over 15 cats a purrrrfect treat.

We sensibly had to wash our hands before entering and adhere to the cat rules, do not approach the cat if sleeping or if the body language is saying, “shuv off”.  These cats are rescue cats and some that just needed a home.  All shapes and sizes but mainly your normal moggie.  The tea room is in Shoredith, a popular area and lots of vintage shops to explore.





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