Welcome to The Cat Collection. Quality gifts for the cat lover

Here, all in one place you will find quality gifts for you and your cat loving friends. Gifts for the cat lover (not the cat).

rileyThe CatCollection will also bring together stories of cats from my travels around the world and what is trending on the internet.  The web was made for cats a former Police Sargeant from the Isles of Scilly once said and I think he was right. Me and my friends watch clips all the time.   I just adore cats and wanted to share my love with everyone.

Riley is my cat a large black and white “beast” who is I should stress not fat but is simply a very big cat!  As a rescue cat he came from a dodgy background living on the wrong side of the tracks.  Seven years on his life is not without drama, find out more on Riley’s own page.

I hope you enjoy the site and we hope that people who love cats will love The Cat Collection

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