Since the age of 5 I have adored cats

Loving everything about them. I was broken hearted when when my parents would not allow me to have one. For years I wished I had a cat and now looking back at old school books I realise I was probably obsessed.



B the age of 10 the obsession had not abated. And when a tailless black and white stray arrived I was hooked. A semi-wild cat, born to a Granny cat was both independent and nervous of people. After weeks of coaxing he began to trust us and became my first cat. We eventually found out he was from the farm and his owner had moved away, he was tough and had been named Uncle George.

Uncle George is now legendary, catching rabbits, snakes, rats and birds, he had a great life until the day he vanished. He was possibly hit by a car but we never found him. He left as he came, suddenly.

My love of cats was cemented.Then came Puss, a kitten abandoned on a rough September night. Her sister had also been abandoned at our neighbours. Puss was a very different cat, independent, detached and allusive. For 20 years Puss did as she pleased. Sunning herself, sitting on the back of the sofa, hunting, eating and we loved her despite her reluctance to love us.

College and work took me away from Puss but I always looked forward to seeing her when I was home. My love of cats had to find an outlet and I realised I was collecting quality cat products, necklaces, scarfs, cat cards, blankets, in fact anything with a cat on. The quality was often lacking and so The CatCollection brings together, in my opinion, the quality, the luxury that our feline friends would expect of their cat carers.


I also collected china cats when I was not allowed to have a real one.  Here they are today, one is missing, I can only presume he is sleeping somewhere very quiet and will return one day.

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Please enjoy this web-site, even if you don’t wish to buy anything there are plenty of stories to enjoy.

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